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It would take too long to introduce all of our clients to you, but here is a selection of our collaborations and achievements that illustrate our know-how.

Domaine de Murtoli

Murtoli is unique and atypical! A place, a philosophy

An elsewhere in extreme Corsica, an area like nowhere else in the world.
To go from dream to reality it took Murtoli, the sleeping beauty, all the passion and will of a man, a native of the country, to work for the rebirth of this heritage area while respecting the memory of the place.
and the elders, by combining the work of the peasant, the shepherd, and that of the hotel keeper.

The Domaine de Murtoli, going beyond the simple idea of ​​agritourism associated with a hotel, escapes all definitions. Murtoli nonetheless remains one of the rare 5 * establishments open almost all year round, from April to January, in Southern Corsica.

Mas de Jon

Guillaume Gravegeal, the eldest, helped by his sister Marion, is working to revive this family estate in the heart of Pic Saint Loup. Armed with their youth, their enthusiasm and know-how, they have worked for 5 years to offer white wines (100% Marsanne, rosés and reds (Classique and Aparté) imbued with their character.

The estate is located at the foot of Pic Saint Loup surrounded and protected by kilometers of scrubland which it is called:

"Protected Designation of Origin Languedoc Pic Saint Loup"

The Mediterranean sun illuminates a terroir of gravel and stony marls. Today the vineyard represents around forty hectares.