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Blanchet Viniti: packaging and accessories for wine, oil, alcohol, beer ...


Enhance your exceptional products with our modern waxes, traditional waxes and accessories (wax seals and heating pots).

Seal your bottlenecks with our selection of modern wax and traditional wax.

Modern wax:

Satiny or shiny, modern wax is perfect for sealing your bottlenecks and personalise your small volumes.

Most common use:

Sealing wax for bottles, food packaging


– Can be cut with a knife when opening the bottle (like a capsule)

No more wax debris on the tables

– Easier to lay than traditional wax

– 38 colors available

– Perfect match with your packaging

– Apply your stamp of the vintage or your logo, like the traditional wax on the waxed neck.

– Presented in pre-cut wax for an easier dosage of the quantity to be heated.

This technique can also be applied to jars and other artisanal products such as oils, vinegars…

Modern wax can not be applied in seals. It does not stick to the glass; it only coats the neck of the bottle, for example.

Traditional wax:

Enhance your exceptional products with an elegant traditional wax with a high-end aesthetic.

To wax the neck of a bottle of wine, alcohol or spirits, a jar or any other packaging, we offer different qualities of wax. The traditional wax is shiny and breakable when opening the bottle.

Use it to seal and give cachet!

The application is easy and the adhesion is high to apply cachets on bottles or any other product. Only traditional wax can make wax seals that stick to the glass.

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