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Blanchet Viniti: packaging and accessories for wine, oil, alcohol, beer ...


Large range of classic and high-end (synthetic corks, technical cork, natural and colmated cork, olive oil stopper).

We have three different ranges :  :

  • Synthetic Microcell Cork, micro injection for your wines: It transfers the oxygen in a uniform way and avoids the corky taste thanks to its foam centre. The flexible outer envelope ensures effective closure and allows an easy opening of the bottle. Its colour and texture, are similar to natural cork, respecting traditional wine bottles. You can keep up with the trend of white and rosé wines by offering your customers customised colours and branding.

To each wine, its cork! Embrace colour with only 10 000 units !

  1. EASY : Ideal for your white, rosé and red wines, to be consummed within 18 months.
  2. SOFT : Designed for both white and rosé as well as reds, the ideal solution to ensuring primary aromas are preserved, to be consumed within 36 months approximately.
  3. TEC : For your fruity white wines or your full-bodied reds that need a few years of bottle-ageing before arriving at maturity, up to 5 years.


  • Technical cork like agglo 1 + 1:  Functional and effective, this is a cork with a body of ground cork and a washer of natural cork on each side, using the same technology as champagne corks. Ideal for your red, white and rosé wines to be consumed within 36 months.


  • Natural and colmated cork:  Since they have been used for such a long time, natural or colmated corks retains a high visibility with consumers. They are a symbol of the quality and the longevity of a wine. They are used for all types of wines, but mainly for reds. Furthermore, at a time when environmental protection is a concern, cork is natural, recyclable and biodegradable.

Feel free to ask us for technical data sheets or samples to test.

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